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New! Do-It-Yourself Plans

Build your own Geo-Lite dwelling from materials available at your local home center. Color-coded plans include step-by-step Fabrication, Assembly and Installation instructions. Sources for hard-to-find parts are also included.


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What's Included

Description of Units Created from the Plans

Plan Sets Available for Basic Dwellings

What's Included with each Plan Set
  • Exploded View of entire unit identifying basic assemblies.
  • List of Required Tools for fabrication, assembly and installation.
  • Master Parts List describing each part, the nominal dimensions, type of stock required and the number needed.
  • Stock Description Table gives you specs for all materials required and sources for hard-to-find parts.
  • Multi-Color Drawings make plans easier to read.
  • Fabrication Drawings & Instructions for each individual part.
  • Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions to assemble parts into finished components.
  • Illustrated, Step-by-Step Installation Instructions to erect the completed building.
  • Assembled View of finished unit.
  • License to build one unit for your personal use.
Description of Units Created from the Plans
Exterior walls of all units are composed of 4' x 7' wood-framed panels arranged edge-to-edge in a circle. The exterior surface is T1-11 exterior siding. The panel frame is left exposed on the inside or, optionally, covered with prefinished paneling. Standard panel depth allows up to 2.5 inches of insulation to be placed in walls.

Windows and Doors
The builder may choose from a wide range of commercially available windows and doors. The plans include rough-opening dimensions and other construction parameters.

The roof is fabricated from a vinyl / polyester architectural-grade fabric with rip-stop composition and is rated as flame-retardant by standard testing authorities. Rafters are 2x4 or 2x6 wood.

The recommended floor material is 5/8" T&G plywood; the plans will accommodate other materials if desired.

Relocatable Foundation (Optional)
This foundation is designed for use on flat ground. It is constructed from pressure-treated plywood over a pressure-treated 2x4 frame. Click
here for an installation photo of this foundation.
Plan Sets for Basic Dwellings
Number of Panels in Unit




Area - Square Feet / Square Meters

180 / 16.7

250 / 22.8

320 / 29.7

Outside Diameter - Feet / Meters

15.0 / 4.6

18.0 / 5.5

20.5 / 6.3

Plan Set Number for Wood - Frame Units




Plan Set Number for Relocatable Foundation




Prices / Ordering
Prices are for plans delivered electronically as PDF files. Printed plans are available at additional cost. If you want printed plans, indicate that in the Special Instructions for your order. We will contact you with the additional printing and shipping cost.
One Plan Set for one size Basic Dwelling


Select Size

One Plan Set including two sizes of Basic Dwelling


Select Sizes

One Plan Set including all three sizes of Basic Dwelling


One Plan Set for one size Foundation


Select Size

One Plan Set for two Foundation sizes


Select Sizes

One Plan Set for all three Foundation sizes


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