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Pricing & Ordering Plans

Pricing & Ordering Kits

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Pricing for Kits
Base Prices shown below are for individual units with standard features in partially assembled form for delivery in the contiguous United States. Metal fasteners to assemble the units are included. Packing, shipping and labor to install the unit are not included. Prices are in US dollars FOB Los Angeles, CA. and are subject to change without notice.
Model Name / Number






Square Feet (Square Meters)

180 (16.7)

250 (22.8)

320 (29.7)

500 (46.5)

730 (67.8)

Basic Shells NEW! Do-It-Yourself Plans now available for models shown in blue. Click here for info.
Wood Frame






Steel Frame






Park Models
Park W






Park WWE






Park S




Special Order

Special Order

Park SWE




Special Order

Special Order

Park HBU




Special Order

Special Order

Park BKU


Special Order


Special Order

Special Order







Studio / Workshop






Home Office




Special Order

Special Order

Guest House


Special Order


Special Order

Special Order





Special Order

Special Order





Special Order

Special Order

















Exterior Utility Cabinet




Interior Utility Cabinet




Basement Utility Cabinet




Ordering Kits
Because each client's specific needs differ from others, we build all Geo-Lite units to order. When your order is received, it is placed on a production schedule. The time your order waits in line before actual production begins, is called Staging Time. If you plan to place an order, but have not decided on an exact size, model or feature set, you can still reserve a place in the production schedule by making a 10% deposit. (See How to Initiate an Order below.)
Staging Time for most orders currently requires
2 weeks from order placement until we start work on your unit(s).
Based on our current production schedule, the elapsed time from the beginning of work on your order until shipment is approximately:
8 weeks for Ecolodge models, 7 weeks for HomeSpace & Park models, 6 weeks for Basic Shells.

How to Initiate an Order
E-mail us and request a Production Deposit Form.

How Your Order Will Be Fulfilled
Within five working days after we receive your deposit, you will receive a Production Deposit Acknowledgment, including a receipt, an estimate of the date on which work will begin on your unit(s), an estimate of the date of completion, a price quote on shipping cost and, if requested, a price quote on factory crew installation.

Approximately six working days prior to beginning work on your unit(s), we will request an additional payment of 40% of the cost of the order. Within 15 working days after receipt of your second payment, we will give you a progress report and an estimated shipping date for your unit(s).

Ten working days prior to completion of your order, we will request payment for the balance of your order, including packing, shipping and sales tax (sales tax applicable to units delivered in California only.)

Upon receipt of your final payment, we will notify you of the shipping date and expected date of delivery .

If you elect to have us install your unit(s), we will contact you approximately 15 working days prior to shipment to make arrangements for the installation. Billing for installation will be handled separately .

Packing Charges
Packing charge for domestic shipments is $100 for Basic Shells, $150 for Park & HomeSpace models and $200 for Ecolodge models.

Shipping & Installation
Units can be shipped anywhere. We also offer turn-key installation by factory-trained crews anywhere in the world. If platforms are required, we can build those too. Shipping and installation costs vary considerably based on the type and number of units ordered and, of course, the location. If you plan to order more than one unit and would like a price quote on shipping and/or installation costs,
E-mail us. If you are ordering a single unit, we will send you a shipping and installation cost quote when we receive your deposit.

Orders canceled prior to the start of work are subject to a 2% cancellation fee. Orders canceled after start of work are subject to a 25% cancellation fee. Orders canceled after completion of work are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are based on the total price of all units ordered.
If you need a special combination of features which don't match a standard model, or if you wish to purchase multiple units or you need to have your units shipped to foreign locations E-mail us and request a Price Quotation for your specific circumstances. We will give you a quote that includes shipping and installation of any number of units anywhere in the world.

Pricing and Ordering Plans

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